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Here comes the heat

Temperatures are headed up in Arizona and you know what that means, air conditioners are more likely to have failures, putting our residents at risk. We have already had an AC failure in one of the homes we manage. I thought I would highlight it here and provide some insight. Here’s what happened.

Our Experience

We had a failure on one of the two AC units located in a home we manage in Chandler. Thankfully we were able to continue to cool the house with the operational unit. In an effort to repair the unit quickly, the licensee contacted an air-conditioning service in Fountain Hills and they came to the home to troubleshoot. Verdict; bad compressor. We were told a new AC unit was needed at a cost of $11,000.

The licensee next contacted the home warranty company to evaluate and provide a quote for replacement of the unit. The home warranty company told the licensee that they would not provide coverage for the home’s AC unit as the home was being used for assisted living. Those of you depending on home warranties might want to inquire and make sure you will be covered if using a warranty for an assisted living property.

At this point we contacted All State Air and Heating, the company that we use for AC service in our own assisted living homes. Jeremy has been servicing and repairing our AC units for several years. He has always been reasonable and honest. We really just wanted a competitive bid for what we thought was a bad compressor unit. When Jeremy arrived to inspect unit and provide a quote for replacement, he actually fixed the unit! The issue was wiring and was fixed in a few minutes!

Due Diligence

I know this reads like a commercial for an AC company, but I just want assisted living home owners to be aware and work with a trusted company. Be wary of AC companies offering very inexpensive service calls. They may not know what they are doing and really want to sell you an unneeded, expensive unit. Also, be sure you can depend on your home warranty company to cover needed repairs if you use one.

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